Metroscopia combines the extensive experience of its professionals with a spirit of constant innovation and curiosity.
A leader in Spain in political polling and election forecasts, it researches all aspects of social life.
Moreover, because it is wholly employee-owned, it is fully independent from any economic, social or political group.


Metroscopia strives to make intellectual rigour, methodological soundness and clarity of exposition the hallmarks of its work.
It further aims to ensure the broadest possible dissemination of all its data (with the exception of data covered by confidentiality clauses) due to its firm belief in social research as a public service. At Metroscopia, we believe that greater societal self-knowledge helps to strengthen democratic culture.

What do we do?

Metroscopia conducts political and public opinion studies. It specialises in the following types of surveys:

  • Pre-election and political polls
  • Political culture studies
  • Analyses of public trust in institutions
  • Corporate image surveys
  • Sociology of law and justice studies
  • Social climate surveys
  • Business climate surveys
  • Public opinion on surveys economic and business life

Since 2008, we have regularly worked with the leading Spanish newspaper, El País, conducting a monthly survey on the Spanish social climate, as well as pre-election studies and flash surveys on a variety of specific issues.

We also publish the ‘Pulse of Spain’, an annual report on Spanish public opinion.

We prepare an annual study onSpanish public opinion, called «Pulse of Spain.»